Must Read Anarcho-syndicalist Literature

Anarcho-Syndicalism; Theory and Practice, Rudolf Rocker
Written by the closest to a founding father of Anarcho-syndicalist thought this basic text outlines the history of Anarcho-syndicalism up to two years after the second world war and gives an in detail explanation of Anarcho-syndicalist theory.

Fighting For Ourselves, Solidarity Federation
This short text can be seen as a more expansive and up to date version of Rockers’ Anarcho-Syndicalism; Theory and Practice. Written by a modern Anarcho-syndicalist propaganda group in Britain, the Solidarity Federation, or “Solfed”, it quickly, but in much detail outlines the history of Anarcho-syndicalist practice and thought up to the current period and lays out the case for Anarcho-syndicalism as a revolutionary strategy to create a society worth living in.

Economics of Freedom, Solidarity Federation
Also by Solfed Economics of Freedom is an insightful thought experiment which explains the type of society Anarcho-syndicalists want to achieve and what it might look like.

Economy Of Freedom, Vadim Damier
An article by Russian Anarcho-syndicalist, activist, and historian Vadim Damier which takes it’s own unique and insightful approach to the subject addressed by Solfed in Economics of Freedom.

Anarcho-syndicalism In The 20th Century, Vadim Damier
Also by Vadim Damier this is probably the most exhaustive history of Anarcho-syndicalist thought and movements in existence.

Green Syndicalism-An Alternative Red-Green Vision, Jeff Shantz
An article by Anarcho-syndicalist theorist, sociologist, and organizer Jeff Shantz arguing for an Anarcho-syndicalist ecology to fight capitalism’s exploitation and destruction of the environment. This essay is particularly important as it devises a workable Anarcho-syndicalist approach to one of, if not the most important question of modern society.